UPDATE: On place, virtual reality and compatibility

Today, a friend linked me to related coverage in The Atlantic: The Case Against Reality

It’s an interview with a cognitive scientist who believes our perceived reality is just that, a perception, regardless of what our senses “objectively” see, feel, hear, touch and taste. And that’s evolutionary advantageous because it allows us to think in the abstract.

Cool theory, though the best part of this article was the comparison between “reality” and quantum physics. The particles don’t exist until someone tries to observe them. Things only become part of “reality” when someone processes the stimuli. Therefore, the object that caused the stimuli is only as real as the person believes it to be.

A touch is not always a feeling is not a touch.

Well, if that’s the case, I guess we are already living in a kind of “virtual” reality. What’s the point. Everything is an illusion!!! Or is it a perception? My brain hurts.



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